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About us


In the fall  of 1943, a small group of friends started to meet regularly, Seeing the potential of being "the church," they pooled their money to buy an old bar.... (redemption?)  That old bar would be moved to the corner of Yale Avenue and Twelfth Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma and would become one of Will Rogers earliest buildings. We have always had a unique and distinct history and mission. 


Today WR is comprised of people from all generations, races, and diverse backgrounds, working together to become the church that God ordained more than 75 years ago. Although being the 'church' is both a challenge and a mission, it is also fun and exciting.

We believe that the local church is "the hope of the world." We also know that the local church is only as strong as its members. So at WR we build believers to become ministers of the Gospel. We take the Great Commission message to "GO" seriously, therefore we send people out each week to make a kingdom difference in their world.


We're not perfect, far from it. But no one is ..... so why not join this imperfect bunch as we attempt amazing, incredible, perfect, miraculous, kingdom stuff.


        Everybody's Welcome        Nobody's Perfect        Anything's Possible



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