WR Preschool

For more than 59 years, Will Rogers Preschool has provided more than just a quality education for preschool children and support for their parents.
 WR also provides quality relationships, a caring community and a fun & loving introduction to Christ and His Kingdom while providing excellent preparation for life for your preschool child.

     Accepting Applications for the Spring Session

A note from the Director

Leaves changing and falling, cooler weather and coming holidays all mean that Fall is in full swing. And so is the fun and learning at WR preschool. Our teachers are in full swing too, working hard to teach your children so many things. 
 As our new families are settling in and our other students and families are getting to know each other, the upcoming holiday season will be full of lots of activities. 
We love the idea that we get to play such a big part in your child's development, which also means we're a part of your family as well. Partnering together to make your "great" kid, "greater!"
Our teachers want to thank you once again for the opportunity that we have to work with your family. We're on this mission together!  





                 Kristina Powell

   Director of Will Rogers Preschool