For more than 60 years, Will Rogers Preschool has provided more than just a quality education for preschool children and support for their parents.
 WR also provides quality relationships, a caring community and a fun & loving introduction to Christ and His Kingdom while providing excellent preparation for life for your preschool child.

     Accepting Applications for the Fall Session

A note from the Director

Just wanted to update you. We have decided not to hold our Fall Session due to the ongoing concerns with the pandemic and with following Tulsa Public School policies. Will Rogers United Methodist Church has been meeting on Sunday mornings but has limited use of the building. Leadership continues to monitor state numbers and makes recommendations about programs and will be opened and when. As of now, we are planning on opening the Spring session in January and are taking applications.
I want to encourage you to continue to enjoy your family and your time together. Try to keep some kind of schedule to help keep everyone as close to normalcy as possible. Pastor Greg will be posting activities you could share with your family on the WRkids page, and check out his Online Parenting Class.
Our teachers and our church are praying for you and your family. If we can do anything to help, please let us know. We want to thank you once again for the opportunity that we have to work with your family. We're on this mission together!
Be safe and healthy!
 Ms. Kristina




   Kristina Powell

   Director of Will Rogers Preschool

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