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Worship at Will Rogers has always been a distinctive part of our DNA, personally and corporately. We strive to be Biblical, authentic and transformative in each of our worship services. Worship also takes place personally throughout the week and we offer many opportunites to help you with that.  
10:15 am - Worship


The 10:15 am service is the only "in person" service we offer. 


Worship style is blended, with hymns, liturgy and other elements mixed with modern worship. 


Our prayer is that you'll walk away from this service informed and transformed.





kids jpeg.jpg
Kids in Worship

We love children and we love incorporating them into our worship at WR.


Worship is an important time for children to participate in the life of the church. We engage our children in many different ways, from Scripture reading, leading songs, and sermon participation. We know that involving children is an important element to everyone involved.


Most Sundays, kids are dismissed following the Children's Sermon to their own service.



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